Akira Sano (佐野 彰)
Ph.D. (Human Sciences) Osaka University Graduation School of Human Sciences.

Professor, Movie and Imaging course, Department of Photo and Imaging Arts, Faculty of  Art and Design, Kyushu Sangyo University, Japan.

Visiting Researcher, Media Lab, Department of Media, School of Art and Design Helsinki, Finland. (Sep 2009 to Aug 2010)


My CV is here.



  • Aalto University (Helsinki, Finland) Sep. 2009 – Aug. 2010
    Media Lab in the Department of Media, School of Art and Design, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland. Visiting researcher (* not an employee).
  • Kyushu Sangyo University (Higashi Fukuoka, Fukuoka) Apr. 2001 – Present
    Media and Imaging Course, Department of Photo and Movie, Faculty of Fine Arts.
    Lecturer (Apr. 2001 – Mar. 2008)
    Associate Professor (Apr. 2008 – 2013)
    I have classes about Animation, Media Arts, Movie, Planning, and Idea Processing.
  • AOI Advertising Promotion Inc. (Shinagawa Tokyo, Tokyo) Apr. 1996 – Mar. 2001
    Production Manager (- Mar. 1997) assisted the making of Commercial Films.
    Technical Director (Apr. 1997 – Mar. 2001) Founded a new division of Internet advertisement and lay the entire ground work of Internet advertisement as a Technical Director, Planner, and Programmer. (This division span off from the parent company in May. 2006)
    Special Technical Adviser (Apr. 2001 – May. 2002)
  • Waseda University (Aug. 2013 – )
    Part-time Lecturer.
  • Fukuoka Jo Gakuin University (Apr. 2014 -2017)
    Part-time Lecturer.
  • Kansai University (Suita Osaka, Osaka)
    Part-time Lecturer (Aug. 2006) Teaching Assistant (Apr. 2004- Mar.2006)   I supported 3DCG class.
  • Kyushu Zokei Art College (Higashi Fukuoka, Fukuoka)
    Part-time Lecturer (Apr.2001- ) I have classes about Film making.


My area of research is (1) AR (Augmented Reality), (2) Physical Computing and Multi-Modal Interface, (3) Communication Design in Web (4) Media Arts.

[Ongoing Project]

  • My Timeline Table (2017-)
  • Traveling Exhibition planning and designing (2014-) as a member of the Japan Water Exhibition network

[Past Project]

  • Mapping Modernism (Oct. 2009-) An installation using image recognition. This installation is displayed at Design Museum Helsinki.
  • Mulch Modal AR (Apr. 2009-) AR systems have many advantages but only appeal to the eye. Now, I am researching the relationship of sense of hand and displayed AR contents visual images. If the viewer feels some weight or vibration coupled AR contents animation, web communication will be richer. The devices are now under construction.
  • SIBS (Jan. 2008 – Dec. 2008) SIBS is a system to display 3D CG objects by real size. The viewer, who wears HMD with a camera, can see real size 3D CG objects on the real world. This system is built with HMD and Wii remote controller and computers. IR LEDs and IR cameras calculate the position of the viewer, and tilt sensors in HMD scrape the head angles.
  • AR contents Authoring System on Web (Nov. 2008- Apr. 2009) This system is built with an AR engine, PHP script, and MySQL database. This system enables us to make AR contents of Web browser without exclusive. We can see a still object and animated objects on the Web browser.
  • Collective Intelligence on Wiki-based on Celestin Freinet Method (2003- )
  • Sustainability of Web2.0 community (2006-2008) I have built and managed Web 2.0 community, SNS and Wiki, in small and big communities. These researches show that real communications in the community play a very important role in managing web community. And show the chasms between developers and users. I suggested 4 solutions to sweep chasms.
  • Semi-transmissive screen AR (Oct. 2008-) The experiment of displaying Computer Image in the real world by using the semi-transmissive screen.
  • Real 3D display (Aug. 2008-2010) This is a collaborative project with Teraoka Seiko Co., Ltd. Japan. A trial project of making a real 3D display by stacking transparent EL displays (ELEXY). ELEXY Web site.   http://elexy.teraoka.biz/


  • Doctoral Course, Graduate School of Human Sciences, Osaka University (Suita, Osaka) Apr. 2006 – Mar. 2009 Withdrawal from the Doctoral Program with the Completion of Course Requirements (May. 2009) I am expected to graduate with Doctor of Human Sciences 2010.
  • Master Course, Graduate School of Human Sciences, Osaka University (Suita, Osaka) Apr. 1996 – Mar. 1998 Master of Human Sciences
  • Osaka University (Suita, Osaka) Apr. 1992 – Mar. 1996 Bachelor of Human Sciences


  • Making Interactive equipment: using Unity, Unreal Engine, Open Frameworks, etc…
  • Computer Operation: Macintosh, Windows, Linux.
  • Software Operation: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere, Flash, Director, Dreamweaver, Lightwave, Blender, etc.….
  • Computer Programming: Languages: Objective C, C#, PHP, Action Script 3.0, javascript, HTML, XML, Lingo, Logo, Pearl, Processing.
  • Language Japanese, English, Finnish (very very very little)

Publications (all books are in Japanese only)

  • “Introduction of AR” (2010)
  • “Adobe After Effects CS4 for beginners” (2009)
  • Jahshaka for Beginners” (2008)
  • “Adobe After Effects 6.5 for beginners” (2004)
  • “Let’s study Shockwave” (2002)
  • “How to make dynamic Web pages” (2001)
  • “Let’s make dynamic Web pages” (1996)


Awards (as a Technical Director of Creative Team)

  • Shortlist, 49th Cannes International advertising festival, web advertising category (1999)
  • Awards in Interactive Category, 14th London International Awards Advertising and Design (1999)
  • Best of Show, 7th New Media Invision Award (1999)
  • Silver prize of the category of Education-Youth, 7th New Media Invision Award (1999)
  • Award of Excellence, 7th New Media Invision Award (1999)
  • Award in Edutainment category, 14th Multimedia Grand-Prix, Ministry of International Trade and Industry Japan. (1999)
  • Best Interactivity, Flash Film Festival (2000)
  • Silver, I.D. Magazine Interactive Media Review (2000)
  • Finalist, 3rd One Show Interactive (2000)
  • Finalist, New York Festival New Media (2000)
  • Finalist in Interactive category, 15th London International Awards Advertising and Design (2000)
  • Gold, 33rd WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival (2000)
  • Finalist, 4th One Show Interactive (2001)
  • Shortlist, category of Artistic Technique, CLIO Interactive (2001)
  • Shortlist, 51st Cannes International advertising festival, web advertising category (2001)
  • Shortlist, category of Interactive, Japan Media Arts Festival, Agency for Culture Affairs (2002)
  • Best Visual Designer, AMD Award (2002)
  • Shortlist, 52nd Cannes International advertising festival, web advertising category (2002)
  • Finalist, category of Auto, London International Awards Advertising and Design (2002)

Awards (others)

  • Honorable mention, Educational Practices Award of e-learning, Ministry of Education (2006)
  • Best Presentation Award, International Student Conference at Ibaraki University 3 Committees. (2007)


  • Playing piano and Saxophones (alto and soprano),
  • Cycling
  • Traveling
  • Study foreign cultures
  • Eating
  • Sleeping

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