Graduation work / 卒業制作

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(勤務記録)朝7:30 大学着、1限〜2限アニメーション実習、昼休み会議、3限メディアコンテンツデザイン、4限〜5限映像制作実習II、21時30分に帰宅


Today’s theme is “Graduation work”.  It is not for me, but for my students.

In Japan, every students who are expected to graduate must write graduation thesis or make graduation artworks. In my faculty, every students fight desperately with graduation works. They remind me my graduation thesis.

There were many troubles whenever I submitted my thesis.

The biggest trouble happend when I was undergraduate student. At the day of deadline, 4 PM was limit time to submit our papers. When we printed out our papers, suddenly the electricity of our laboratory shut down at 3 PM because of too much power consumption. We were in a panic!!

Now I am writing my doctoral thesis, but I am afraid there will be something happening when I submit it.

(Today’s memo) start working at 7:30 , Animation class (from 9 to 12), have a meeting at noon, Media contents design class (from 13:00 to 14:40), Movie class (from 14:40 to 17:50). Backed to home 21:30.

I must make time for writing thesis at any cost 🙁

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