Turn an unknown corner / 知らない角を曲がる

Japanese SAKE brewing at Tsuyazski, Fukutsu, Japan

One of my hobbies is “losing a way”, because it gives me something new everytime.

Today I rode a bike and turned unknown corner near my favorite road which I have ran many times.

I could find new place, part and interesting street. This picture shows a Japanese SAKE brewery in Tsuyazaki-Sengen.

This area is located near the sea, and was flourished by salt fields and trading in old time.  “Sengen” means “1000 houses”.

If I didn’t turn the corner, I would not be able to know this nice street.






  1. AfterEffectsが使える人のバイト求人が来ました。期間は1月~2月です。とある映像制作集団でのバイトです。交通費は支給されます。興味のある人は佐野まで連絡下さい。
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