My seminar students’ blog has started / ゼミ生のブログが始まりました

[Ordinary scenery in Japan]


Long time no see, sorry for my rudeness.

From last month, my seminar students has started to post articles every day. They write about things which they like or have interests. I am afraid their posts has deep meanings or messages to you, but I hope they will appreciate the processes of expression and communication.

And I think the contents in their posts represents “The daily life of ordinary Japanese students”. As you may know News on TV just tell “the mass image”, but they just write about their lives which are difficult to be known through News.

Our blog has “Auto translation system” in right bar. Just select language, that’s all.





  1. 雨が降っているので自転車で帰れない。電車で買えることにする。もとい、蛙ことにする。いや、孵ることにする。
  2. 検索連動型広告がもたらした「悪しき」広告観 | AdverTimes(アドタイ)
  3. 秘技って書いてあるけど、果たしてそうなの?? ¶ 簡単衝撃的かぼちゃのカット★包丁いらず! by MOMOりん [クックパッド] 簡単おいしいみんなのレシピが94万品

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