Tahiti AR system to copy and show all things in real-size

Abstract and background

Tahiti” is a AR environment which enables to enjoying AR contents and making AR contents on Web Browsers.

The aim of this system is “to share the feelings of size” and “to make AR contents easily”.

Definitely, making AR contents was hard for ordinary people, because 3D modeling software were difficult to use.

I changed the idea of making 3D contents. I made emphasis on “size”.

How does it work?


To calculate size, I made “size marker”. This size marker is consisted of 2 markers. The distance between them is 10cm.

Tahiti system uses these markers as a size benchmark.

The program calculates the object’s size using the information of pixels of markers.

(1) Capture images

(2) Calculate the pixels for 10 cm.

(3) After cropping the images, calculate the size of the image (object).

(4) Record and save information to the database.




You can capture and crop images using Tahiti system. The only things you need are markers and an object.


Uploaded contents are able to enjoy and share with everyone.


The display engine program is based on FLARToolkit.

The source code is here.


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